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Transforming Control into Trust – a Guided Journey with Julia & Svenja – Quiet Healing Center

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Past Life Guided Journey

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Enhance Your Spiritual Energy: A Guided Journey (9 Portal Activation Package)

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But there is also the promise of goodness, growth, and love. Experience your future self and the seeding of all that he or she enjoys, to include:. If you feel drawn to this unique immersion experience, Cyndi promises to help you explore your own personal expansion of spirit, clarity of vision and purpose and overall wellness with encouragement, excitement, resonance, care, and 25 years of healing experience.

A Guided Journey for Dialysis Patients

This special and deeply personal healing process is intended for those who are ready to shift, change, do the necessary work and grow to levels which previously seemed out of reach. This experience is intimate and conducted in a safe and private environment.

Self-love meditation-A guided journey to find the infinite love within

If you feel called to participate in this amazing process with Cyndi and change your life forever, please fill out the assessment form at the link below. You are a deep reservoir of joys, successes, trials, tears, loves, and yes—regrets and wounds. From Cyndi This soulful journey will involve four main phases, which are as follows:.

Opening the Door Together we will discuss any presenting issues or needs. Uncovering the Past Our pasts contain everything that has formed our current self, our contemporary experienced reality. Backward we will go, holding the keys of honesty, forgiveness, and compassion, using guided meditation and intuitive processes to uncover the following: Home. Remember the feeling of being at one with the Source? To reawaken within this place of Oneness is to remember our true self and the most significant trait of creation: Connection.

After millennium in Oneness, we departed, ready to impart our spiritual gifts to create more love in the unmanifested world. You now get to re-experience the brilliance of your own immortal spirit and gifts. Original wound. This is the wound that has been reestablished in every lifetime and negative experience. We must remember it, and learn how to heal it.

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Mortal experiences. This deep process will also include the remembrance of any in-between lives we need to recall, and reclaim any helpful knowledge for this life. Soul energetics. How might we have been affected by energetic bindings, such as cords, curses, or entities? By looking into the dark, we seek to renew the light.