A Souls Peaceful Quest: Lessons from the Path

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Sometimes we call it conversion. Sometimes we simply name it repentance. But whatever we call it, it involves learning. The Prophet Joseph Smith said:.

How to Turn Your Spirituality Into Your Career

As a teacher at heart, I love the word and the idea, though I do think we should define it a little better than we usually do. I mean learning in the sense of growth and change, of insight leading to improvement, of knowing the truth, which in turn leads us closer to the God of all truth. This kind of learning is about changing ourselves, about being different better because we know more of what God knows.

As we learn truth and choose to act on it, our testimonies grow see John Then, as we make the truth a part of us by striving to live it consistently even in the face of challenges, it changes us and we become more like the Father of truth. Second, the home is both classroom and lab, where learning and living the gospel are so seamlessly combined that they are almost indistinguishable.

Have I frightened you parents? I hope not. This emphasis on teaching, learning, and living at home is not meant to be an added burden for individuals and families. Of course we hope that meaningful learning still happens at church. In fact, the supporting role of Church classes is critical to home-centered learning.

It must be relevant to and draw on the experiences of both teachers and learners. Clearly then, focusing on a manual or a chalkboard or the arrangement of chairs or even some excellent discussion questions may not be the right focus. I don't just mean menopause.

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I mean going from single to married or going from a little kid through teenager those kinds of things. My resources are practically nonexistent. I do have one thing I can use. My skills in speaking, or writing. I would also like to set up a buy sell trade shop in my hometown on the bus line where women who may not normally feel comfortable talking to each other can go and feel like it's a safe place to ask stupid questions.

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A place where negativity is discouraged by all. I have a lot of stuff to write but I don't have patients to use my hand and a pen or a keyboard. It's usually easiest if I can just dictate my concerns. I need to figure out how to do a podcast or radio show I tried blogging, however, Breaking everything up into paragraphs and making it all concise and flow doesn't fit with my day-to-day life. A talk show of some sort on the radio would be what I would prefer. You have made my life more spiritual with your writings. I am being guided by angels through numbers. Thank you for telling us what the numbers mean.

This was an amazing article The Universe gives us what we need at the right moments is our lives. I need to ask you something. I am planning to start a blog for fashion beauty self growth confidence for women. I am not clear still. Thank you for that insight I have been praying today for guidance on my career path after 36 yrs a chef I need to fulfill my spiritual dream and work in the Lords love and light. I have almost finished my story of my spiritual growth and vision experiences and my desire to see my Garden of Angels project a gift from God come into being but dont know where to go your article has given me a start God bless you.

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Awesome and Funny I just find this hub now. I am one who has mentored MANY over the years I am running my first workshop on June 10th - put the date as others may find this hub 4 years from now and really get a laugh like I did Wonderful information. I have numbers following me my whole life.

After my mom passed Jan I was broken. Now my perception on everyone and everything is different. I know I have always been gifted and 'different'. I thank you for shining your light out to all us light workers. This is exactly what I needed to read to get me going. I look forward to reading more from you! It never ceases to amaze me when I receive a message at precisely the moment I feel I need it. I didn't stumble across this article I know there's no coincidence, no luck, no accidents.

We are always and forever right where we need to be. Lately, I have felt stuck, stagnated by fear and tossed ragged by the storms of indecision raging inside my mind.

The Words of Odin the High One

Only when I became quiet enough, surrendering the endless battle with Ego was I able to receive exactly the guidance I needed. You are one of my earth Angels!! I don't want to waste any more critical time. Thank you for helping me to understand how to tune into myself and affirm my intuitive insights via numerology. Through sacredscribes I have been able to decode the messages from my angels and affirm what my gut instincts have told me. My spiritual knowledge had increased ten fold thanks to your knowledge and beautiful blogs. Can you tell me if your sacred scribes website is still operating as from today I'm getting a message the site has been removed?

Spirit Hollow – transforming consciousness one extraordinary being at a time

Just want to say, thank you very much for the wonderful explanation, it really resonated with me I have tried advertising, giving out business cards. I get nothing and i need to get something now. How can I go about this in the context of my Catholic faith? I am called a light worker but I did not fully understand the term. This article describes me totally. Help please? I have a great sense of "Needing to notifying.


I have found your sight very helpful in translating all. Spiritual aid shouldn't be linked to money for this specific purpose. For free, because the person needs it and they are strongly called to them. It's across the board. Money may taint your abilities if not wane them all together.

Joanne, I feel so much gratitude for your brave pursuit of that which beckons you to share your gifts with others, and to bear your torch for all to see. Light workers such as yourself illuminate pathways beyond the darkness of apprehension and self doubt with such brilliance and optimism. Standing in the spotlight can be quite a frightening and vulnerable experience. To follow our own inner wisdom as it resonates with the wisdom perceived through divine Youniversal energies which we cannot see with our two eyes, only perceive with our one Thank you for your inspiration, encouragement and for the warm reminders that when we do eventually get there, we will after all find ourselves in a crowd of many other spotlights anyway :p.

Hello Love! What a wonderful hub! I too have been contemplating getting back to the spirit; even tried to meet my spiritual guide; bashwana? I think I have to go down the path a little more You really got me thinking, and a ton of other people thinking too! That's what you do, isn't it?

Sending my love and prayers, and see you soon! Love yaz, lily. I thought your blog was insightful.

Communal modelsotherwise known as Intentional Communities still exist and are quite functional. Check out Damanhur in Europe and Yogaville in Virginia. Some soul contracts demand that money and energy exchange be handled very carefully. Egoic behavior is the human obstacle course. Spiritual education always preceeds the material Illusion called Maya world. I whole heartedly believe in "getting out there" and finding the correct path of prosperity and wealth thinking and action. I just think there some big things that impede people from making it all happen the way our conscious mind wants it to.

Some peopleespecially wounded healersneed healing all the way to the soul level if necessary before stepping too far into the arena as a career. There are countless drawbacks that prevent a lot of career expansions. Follow your intuition and the messages and signs you are receiving You will find that once you make the decision once and for all, many doors will open for you Veronica.