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  • Myths, legends, folklore and tales from around the world.
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  • Myths, legends, folklore and tales from around the world?

Originally produced by "Parabola" magazine in audio format, many of these stories appear here in written form for the first time, with the permission of tribal elders, and are enhanced by artwork authentic to the tradition. These stories evoke the beauty, wisdom, and living spirit of surviving oral traditions. This collection of 15 Cherokee tales introduces the trickster-hero Rabbit, the most important character portrayed in the animal stories of the Cherokee culture.

The surefooted messenger who carries important news to his animal friends near and far, Rabbit is charming and mischievous - he tricks others and is often tricked himself. Sometimes he wins and sometimes he loses; sometimes he is lazy and mean, sometimes kind and caring - but somehow Rabbit always survives.

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She has told the myths and legends of the Cherokee people at schools, colleges, and festivals across the United States and Canada, carrying on a family tradition begun by her grandmother. She lives in Fredericksburg, Texas. Murv Jacob is a painter and pipemaker of Kentucky-Cherokee descent. He lives in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 2 new copies. Book Description Harper, Audio Cassette.

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Still in original shrinkwrap. This is an unused audiobook from the warehouse of a former new-book distributor. Seller Inventory mon More information about this seller Contact this seller. Never used!. Local legends often involve the supernatural or important historical events. Such stories often become lumped with ghost stories, and though thousands of ghost stories exist in North Carolina, passed from friend to friend or county to county, these tales fall on the typical legend structure.

Local legends can also be centered on interesting people, with most towns claiming tales about such "characters. The most widespread of the state's legends, particularly among high school and college tellers, is the legend often called the Vanishing Hitchhiker.

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Seen seeking a ride home in every area of the state, the vanishing hitchhiker is a young woman killed in a car accident years ago. She reappears as a human-looking ghost at the scene of her accidental death asking to be taken home by a passing motorist, but she disappears along the way.

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  8. When the driver proceeds to her home, he or she learns of the woman's death, of which the current day is the anniversary. This oral narrative in countless variations is a past and current favorite legend, not only statewide but throughout the world as well. Many folklorists consider personal experience narratives, in which a person tells the story of a memorable event in their own lives, to be a form of folktale. Within the tale repertoires of individual storytellers, there is often a continuity of subject matter and theme between personal experience narratives and traditional tales.

    Legends can be contemporary, and legendary figures still can interact with everyday individuals.

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    Similar to legends, which often feature natural occurrences or nonhuman characters, animal tales feature animals with human characteristics as heroes and antagonists. The animal characters often appear in pairs and represent opposing human qualities. Animals walk, talk, use tools, and mirror the daily human lifestyle of the storyteller and his or her community. Animal tales originating in slave communities were often stories of protest challenging the social order.

    two wolves--- The Cherokee Legend of Good Versus Evil narrated by Voicer Over Artist Marty Morgan

    In the telling of animal tales, many different species come to have specific connotations, or in the annals of folklore, represent specific meanings, omens, or superstitions. Superstitions are a basic genre of folklore found throughout the world, from ancient times to the present. Because an unnecessarily negative association has come to be attached to the word "superstition," many prefer the somewhat more neutral term "folk belief" to describe the same concepts and sayings.

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    The most extensive collection and analysis of North Carolina-related superstitions is found in The Frank C. Brown Collection of North Carolina Folklore , volumes 6 and 7 These two North Carolina volumes have become the model for all succeeding attempts at collecting and classifying other American superstitions. Volume 1 of the same collection also has a brief section on North Carolina superstitions called "Beliefs and Customs," edited by Paul G.

    Almost 9, different superstitions, collected in or related to North Carolina, are listed under the general headings "cycle of human life," "the supernatural," "cosmology and the natural world," and "miscellaneous. Hickman of Hudson Caldwell County.

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