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I imagine they are pretty dang good pieces for that money. Originally Posted by joe sixpak. That set is more like artwork to show not really use.

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At least I would never take that set to a tournament to play with. Personally I do not like the shape of the horsie and the queen as much as some other staunton like designs that you can buy a lot cheaper and that are more practical for actually using them to play with. No, not cheap at all but considering the prices of much more expensive luxury sets it's a real bargain.

I agree that there are lesser expensive sets that are more traditional in the Staunton design and give just as much satisfaction in playing the game of Chess. Where the cost comes in is in the detail of the pieces, most notably in the detail of the knight. You have to consider that they are hand carved and machined to near perfection.

Chess Profiles: The Rabbit, the Tortoise and the Gambler: Chess Patzer to Master Series

Another point that aligns the price to the set is the time that the craftsman put into their work. True, I would not take some of my sets to Chess clubs or local tournaments and that they are works of art. They still remain functional and are perfectly suited for home use. I have always been attracted to wood carvings and for me they are something that brings much joy.

I also like collecting things and have a modest Chess collection. As I said, they are artwork not meant for daily functional use and abuse. Certainly not the abuse others would do to them at a club or tournament.

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I stopped taking my clock after some kid kept taking his spare queen and hammering the button every time he moved. My Studio. I checked I have Chessmaster Not bad. Based on the few games I tried, I'm about a ish ranked player, lol. Originally Posted by bill5. I tried out the Spark Chess site, it's awesome and I'm really digging it. It reminds me of the Chess Master series of computer games.

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I spanked the beginner. I had an old version of that. It was okay But you will really like, I suspect, lichess. Thx but I can't make heads or tails of that site. Not up on the "inside lingo" etc.

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Isn't there a site where you can just go "hey here's my talent level anyone wanna play" in plain English. I play on chess. I felt I was treated as if one of the family in the way the order was taken and delivered. I'm a very happy customer! The pictures looked great, but they don't do this set justice.

I can't believe there is a finer classic Staunton chess set out there.

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It is truly beautiful. Thanks" G. It is a magnificent set. It is rare to find items crafted so well and I will certainly recommend The House of Staunton to others. The quality and workmanship for a set in this price range is amazing. I am looking forward to my next purchase.

Was struck by overall superior quality and weight. The Rosewood is quite beautiful. More than I expected. Thanks for accommodating extra queens. They are beautiful. Thank you for a fine product. Worth every penny.

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You've done something that I've always wanted to do: take an object I care about, and raise the world standard for functionality and aesthetics. Well done. It's so exquisite, I can't stop looking at it. Though the pictures on your website are beautiful, they don't do justice to actually seeing them in person. I've been looking for a red-lacquered chess set for quite sometime, and this is the most beautiful I've ever seen. Thank you, also, for meticulously wrapping each piece.

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My brother is going to love his first real chess set. As for me, I've never been into the MDLM thing at all, preferring a balanced program of study, and yes, I've tried out the tactics sites and while they may help some people a lot more than others I've concluded that they aren't the best way to better moves in tournament play.

Blue Devil Knight answered you pretty well with a logical, balanced comment so I'll just add: Read the fucking blogs if you're going to name names, because this whole series has made you look like a bitter little man, ripping into a bunch of people who are having fun with chess and chess blogging. What IS your problem, dude? I know your an FM, I take your opinions about chess seriously, but if you want to call me a "cultist" then I'll symbolically rip you a new asshole.

Sorry for this off-topic rant, but the next time I hear the over-used term "pattern recognition" in connection with chess skill I'm going to puke a kidney. Look, it's not a valid basis for understanding chess skill except in the most utterly superficial sense. Playing the piano - that's pattern recognition, too!! So is neurosurgery! So is fiction writing!!! Any time you try to nail down exactly what you mean by "pattern" and what you mean by "recognizing" it, you'll come up with a defective model of how a chess master's mind works.

So to reach GM strength I just have to - what -learn to recognize , chess patterns? Sorry, the pattern recognition is only that tiny fragment of a larger process that a player has conscious access to - after the fact of selecting a move. This doesn't begin to explain the rest of the process, or how elite players acquire their ability in the first place. Try again. Hahaha so true. This Jon guy sounds more than bitter, and his poor "research" disqualifies his posts even further.