Gaia: A Mystical Epic

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You advise your army to quickly focus their efforts on the heavy crust of earth protecting the beast's chest. This is easier said than done however, as Urmek's massive arms slam across your platoons sending them sprawling.


You quickly command the mages to cast their wind-element spells. Hurricane gusts and shearing winds are directed towards the rage-driven primate. As the magical spells slam into the massive beast, it lets out a screaming roar that echoes across the valley and deafens your ears. Now is your chance! As the mighty plate of earth begins to crumble, the beast starts to become more enraged, almost if sensing it is becoming more vulnerable.

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Urmek, now enraged with primal rage, begins to grab anything within its arm's length to hurl at you and your men. You instruct your army to head north towards your set trap.

Urmek, almost blind with rage, follows you and your army north with abandon. You see your planned ambush ahead and push forward. As you cross the discussed point, you wave the signal flag above your head. The trap is sprung!

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The platoon of men you sent ahead earlier has set up an ambush of large boulders to trap Urmek against the valley walls. Your men cut the ropes connected to the boulders and as it falls onto Urmek, who lets out a beastly roar.

You quickly jump up and make your way towards the fallen Urmek. As you climb on top the beast's mighty back, you feel the crystal you took from the tomb begin to glow and give off a slight warmth. You mind it little as your goal rests solely on defeating Urmek. You locate Urmek's vital spot!


Gaia as Cyborg

You quickly murmur the incantations of a powerful spell and lay down a glyph on the weakened area. The skies darken and the clouds begin to swirl. A large vortex begins to form and then straight down from the heavens, a large cyclone lands on the glyph.

Urmek roars in anger and begins to writhe in pain. The scream is unbearable and your heart actually sinks a little hearing the sorrowful scream. Urmek lies motionless.

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You start to see essences float out from its body as the once mighty Urmek begins to shrink in size. As the essences float into the atmosphere, the energy around feels familiar. We are gathering to awaken the future and reclaim the sacred roots of our past. We are Many and We Are One.

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