How to create your own e-books with OpenOffice / LibreOffice

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This is handy if you have some text that you'd like to read on your book reader but your book reader doesn't support the format that you have it in. Or if you have written some text yourself which you'd like to publish. You can use calibre to perform document conversions but I didn't have a lot of luck converting PDF documents in Calibre so I find it easier cutting and pasting from PDFs into Libre Office and using this method to convert files into epub documents. The Kindle currently uses.

Download and install Libre Office or Open Office if you don't already have one of them on your system. Then click on the Styles tab. Note that any style, including custom styles, can be attached to any Table of Contents. One of the most glaring shortcomings of MS Word is the lack of a quality image optimization tool. With Writer, all you need to do to optimize any image in any document is to right click on the image in the Writer document which bring up a whole selection of image adjustment options:.

In addition, PDF documents can be transferred much more rapidly if the images are optimized. Best of all, there is no noticeable loss of quality! We discuss this tool more in Section 5. This tool will not only convert our Writer document to an HTML document for our ebook and web pages, but it also converts our custom paragraph styles into matching CSS classes provided our Writer Paragraph styles have been properly structured. This allows us to use the same custom styles on our Ebook as we used on our Print Book. We discuss this feature in greater detail in Section 5.

How to Make an eBook Using Open Office

However, Word provides only basic options. Writer's Export to PDF function provides an exhaustive set of options for those who want them. Instead of Word's vague options for quality, Writer lets you set the exact image quality and resolution. You can also set exactly how links in the original are handled and set the details of the initial view for the PDF window. Most important, you can add a free tool to Libre Writer which allows you to not only create PDF documents - but also to import them and edit them!

Given the importance of PDF creation to modern print on demand publishing, if you are writing a self publish book, you really should use Libre Writer. We will cover all seven of these tools plus many more in our next book, called Create and Publish Your Own B ook. However, because Styles are so important even if you are not writing a book, we will spend some more time on this topic in Section 5. History of Libre Office. Once you learn what a powerful word processing tool Libre Writer is, you might start to wonder where such an incredible tool came from. The answer is that it was created gradually over a period of several years by thousands of programmers working in the open source community.

It all started with a free open source word processing program called Star Office which was created in Germany and brought to the US in and renamed Open Office. In , Open Office became encumbered with commercial conflicts. The majority of Open Office developers left and started a new free open source project called Libre Office.

Initially, Libre Office was a clone of Open Office. However, over the past eight years, thanks to the work of thousands of contributors, Libre Office has made huge strides in first matching and then passing Microsoft Office and Open Office. For example, Libre Office is much better than Open Office at importing, saving, editing and exporting Microsoft Word documents.

In , Libre Office reported million users with 1 million new users every week. First, LibreOffice Writer costs much less.

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In fact, it is free. Second, LibreOffice is easier to install and requires less space on your computer. Fourth, Libre Office is the world's most compatible and versatile word processor. It can convert between file formats and open different file formats. It can also run on several different operating systems.

Fifth, Libre Office also offers additional free tools, called extensions which can be added to Libre Office from the Libre Office Extension directory. Below we offer more details about each of these five advantages. But the fact is that MS Office is not free.

In fact, it is incredibly expensive. A big change in Office today compared to past versions of Office is that instead of it being licensed for one user, it is only licensed for one computer. This is on top of what you paid for your computers.

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To offset this dramatic increase in price, Microsoft is now also offering something called Office Now imagine you are running a small business with ten employees. To figure out what Office will cost, just multiple all the above numbers by ten. So the first reason move to Libre Office is to get off of the Microsoft price increase treadmill! By comparison, Microsoft Windows does not come with any word processor — and to get MS Office will cost you hundreds of dollars. To install MS Office, you need to first go to the Microsoft store and set up an account and give them your credit card number.

You eventually get to the Download page and have to load this huge Office program file. If you are using Office you also get the joy of paying monthly bills with your credit card. But with Libre Office, if you are using Linux, it is already preloaded. If you are using Windows and want to add Libre Office, it is a simple matter of just clicking on a couple of buttons.

Libre Office is only MB. Download and Install Libre Office for Windows. There is no need to download or install Libre Office if you are using Linux. It is already there. However, if you want to try Libre Office side by side with MS Office while in Windows, you can easily download it and install it. Then click on Downloads. Or go straight to the Downloads page. Click on the Main Installer to download the file.

Then save the file and the help pack in your Downloads folder. Then run the Libre Office file as an administrator to install it onto your Windows computer. Then click on Writer to create a new document. There should now be a Libre Office icon on your desktop.

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It doesn't get any easier than this! For many years, Microsoft used a simple fixed menu to allow access to important functions. Below is the Office Word simple Menu. You use to be able to customize this menu in many ways to have quick access to whatever tools you used most. Each of the main tabs such as File, Edit and View offered fixed vertical drop down menus so that it was very easy for even a novice to learn and remember where various tools were at.

The File tab from Word was replaced by a Windows icon in the upper left corner. This was very confusing to many novices. The problem with the ribbons is that each contains many more choices than the simple Word vertical drop down menus. This not only meant a steeper learning curve — but also slowed down word processing as you had to look through many choices to find the one you want.

Folks describe it as looking for a needle in a rather big hay stack. In addition, many of the functions were indicated only by a very small icon — rather than the text menu items used with Word Thus, one also had to remember what each icon did. Having been an adult education instructor for more than 20 years and having taught many students both Word and Word , I can say for certain that the fixed menu is easier for students to learn than the variable ribbon. Below is the Home tab on the Office Word menu.

But it still used the crazy ribbon. Thus many still felt like they were looking for a needle in a haystack. There is a new tab called Design which covers some of the functions which used to be in the Insert tab or the Page Layout tab.

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This is a slight improvement because it places fewer choices on the Insert and Page Layout tabs. Clicking on File brings up the same options. But click on File , then click on Save or Save As and you will be in for a big surprise.

Creating epub ebooks without Calibre

The Save As function adds an almost useless intermediary screen to slow you down. The Libre Writer Menu. This simple fixed and predictable menu is the best part about Libre Office. If you have a Windows XP computer with Word — which is the case with one in three computer users today — then you will have a much easier time using Libre Office than using MS Office.

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It is also compatible with HTML formatting used to create websites and e-publishing documents. It has also resolved issues of past open source programs in providing a more consistent display of tables, headers and footers. You do not even need to install Linux to use Libre Office. Libre Office 5 comes in versions for Windows, Apple and Linux. It is time for all of us to join the million people already using Libre Office!

Libre Office Writer offers many Compatibility Tools.