Industrial Instrumentation: Principles and Design

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These are intended for controlling desired output variable, providing control capabilities either remotely or automatically. These are considered as final control devices or elements. Three major elements in industrial instrumentation are explained in brief below. The temperature sensor is used to detect the changes in temperature of a particular device or machine or system and such that gives the signal to the controllers in case of change in temperature limits. There are different types such as thermistor, thermostat, thermocouple and so on, specific sensor used based on the application.

Pressure sensor acts as a transducer and it is used to measure pressure of liquids or gases, it converts the pressure into electrical signals.

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Thus, specified process which is intended to work in a particular manner is connected to a specific sensor to detect any changes in the operation, to sense the output and transmit it to the controllers for controlling or monitoring or operating the process in a predefined manner.

Most of the controllers or valves are generally implemented using mechanical systems or solid electronics. But the recent industrial controllers of industrial control systems depends on computers, which makes ease of implementation of complex control algorithms than using a mechanical system. The Programmable Logic Controller is a digital computer frequently used in several industries and machines for automation of industrial electromechanical processes.

It is a real time system used to produce output within limited time as a response to changes in input conditions. The general relay control systems are replaced by PLCs. The industrial instruments or machines such as electric motors, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, solenoids, etc. The industries consist of equipments and instruments placed at remote locations, these can be controlled remotely using the SCADA.

It is a type of industrial control system in which supervisory system is combined with data acquisition system for acquiring information about the remote instruments or equipment with coded signals over different communication channels like wireless communication for transferring data to control panel.

In industries control elements are located in a central location and also at distributed locations throughout the industry. Thus, for controlling these distributed subsystems a control system is required to operate at distributed locations called as distributed control systems. DCS is used for the automation of processes in various processes using computerized control system. It is used to monitor and control various processes in industries such as nuclear power plants, water management system, oil refining plants, chemical plants, petrochemical industries, etc.

The actuator is used to control the mechanism or system based on the signal given to it by converting the electrical signal into powerful action. Actuators are generally operated by the electric current, fluid pressure pneumatic pressure and this energy is converted into mechanical energy. There are different types of actuators namely hydraulic actuator, pneumatic actuator, electric actuator and mechanical actuators.

The output of the PLC is used to close the Solenoid switch, resulting in switching on high currents, for example to switch on motor in industries. The device used for controlling, regulating the flow of fluids by making open or close or partial obstruction of passageways or tubes. The flow of liquids or gases in industries can be controlled by using valves which can be controlled manually using handles or pedal or wheel and automatically driven according to the variations in pressure, flow and temperature.

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The brief description regarding the industrial instrumentation is given in this article along with its major elements or processes. Do you want to know more information about the different instrumentation methods such as electronics instrumentation, mechanical instrumentation, electrical instrumentation? Then, post your queries to know about the advanced technologies in instrumentation by posting your comments below. He has 8 years of experience in Customer Support, Operations and Administration.

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