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Iron Butterfly

Trivia: In band member Phil Kramer called Los Angeles police and told them he was going to commit suicide. On May 31, more than four years later--his remains were found in a wrecked car at the bottom of a canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains outside of Los Angeles. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography.

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Audible Download Audio Books. Ron is currently on medical leave and will return when able. In the meantime Iron Butterfly and thousands of fans worldwide send him well wishes! The Los Angeles music climate of the late sixties and seventies was characterized by the heavy sounds and sentiments that reflected the revolutionary attitudes of the gen Just Announced!!!! Tickets on sale now! Posted by Iron Butterfly. Events in Your Area. Los Angeles Free Press July 19, Los Angeles Free Press August 2, Lights by Castaway Electric Co. Two shows, pm and pm.

After that, the production team and talent would break for lunch and come back at pm to do the taping. It would take two to three hours to tape the one-hour show. The show, which started at pm, was originally scheduled for Friday, August 23, but then it was postponed for a week for unknown reasons. Los Angeles Free Press August 23, Los Angeles Free Press August 30, The show was presented by Scenic Sounds Productions.

Also appeared: Eddie Floyd. Berkeley Barb August 23, The festival, which lasted from am 'till dusk, was sponsored by Professor Leo S. Los Angeles Free Press October 18, Lights by Brotherhood of Light. These shows, which started at pm each day, were presented by Bill Graham. The festival was recorded. One show each day, from or am to pm. Berkeley Barb October 18, Also on the bill: Cream. Two shows presented by Durwood C. These shows were presented by Scenic Sounds. Lights by Psychedelic Power and Light Company.

Two shows, pm and pm, presented by Odyssey. The Spectator December 3, Lights by Joshua Light Show. Two shows each day, pm and pm, presented by Bill Graham. East Village Other October 11, East Village Other November 8, East Village Other November 22, East Village Other October 18, East Village Other November 15, East Village Other October 25, East Village Other November 1, Lights by Inner-Media Light Show.

The show, which started at pm, was presented by Spatial Productions. Great Speckled Bird December 9, This episode was broadcasted today at pm, supposedly on the same day of the taping. He was bare-footed, with no shirt. He was playing 'In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida' and when it came to the intrumental part for lead guitar Erik took the microphone and began to run it across the guitar frets and because he was soaking wet with sweat he shorted out and shocked himself.

He collapsed on the floor and the ambulance came. When it happened the entire audience began to cheer. These shows were presented by The Electric Theatre Company. Kaleidoscope November 22, Lights by Electric Wallpaper Co. The show, which started at pm, was presented by KQV, a local radio station. One show, from pm to pm. Kaleidoscope December 6, Kudzu December 17, East Village Other December 20, East Village Other January 24, East Village Other January 3, East Village Other January 31, East Village Other January 17, Louis, Missouri Also on the bill: Grateful Dead.

The show, which started at pm, was presented by Scenic Sounds. The show was presented by Boyd Grafmyre. Helix February 6, Sound by Black and Gold. The show, which started at pm, was produced by Feyline Productions. Lights by Little Princess These shows, which started at pm each day, were promoted by Bill Graham.

Lights by Pablo.

Iron Butterfly: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida | Louder

Two shows a day, pm and pm, promoted by Bill Graham. East Village Other May 28, East Village Other June 4, One show, from or pm to 12 midnight. The Seed June 1, The North Carolina Anvil July 26, On August 15, the day the festival opened, the band's quipment truck was stuck in traffic about 20 miles from the festival site.

The group was waiting at their hotel in Manhattan, New York City, for word from their manager on how to get to Woodstock, and once they arrived, what equipment they'd be using. So the entire weekend we went back and forth from our other to the heliport until our manager finally called back at 7 or 8 o'clock Sunday evening and said, 'Come home.

It's over with. That was, for some reason, the changing of the guard. We had no idea of its significance at the time.

So I told John to tell him to forget it; we had more important things to deal with. Also on the bill: REO Speedwagon.

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One show, started at am. They don't like me. I was flabbergasted. But the best I could come up with was, 'Janis, you know, they're slow to respond. They absoloutely love you. I saw the twinkle in their eyes and you triggered their imagination. You gave them everything you've got. Bottom line is they're waiting to hear 'Piece of My Heart' the way they heard it on the record. And until they have a little bit more time, they're not going to know how to respond to the new material until it's more familiar, until they've heard it a few more times on the radio.

Kudzu August 3, Lights by Thomas Edison.