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The zombie phenomenon is born out of Hollywood. Apparently if society sees something on the screen enough times somehow it becomes possible that zombies may one day walk the Earth, decimating human populations. These ten events may be the Top 10 End of the World Fears shared by people who believe that the world could end at some point in our lifetimes. So what do you do you if one of these end of the world events takes place, even something so seemingly far fetched as a rise of robots or flesh-eating zombies?

It might be a sickle — a tool farmers in earlier centuries used to cut down grain in the field. With a razor sharp edge and steel blade a sickle would have reach — allowing you to attack and defend yourself from further away than a sword, axe, or machete. Keep in mind that boat is going to have to make landfall at some point.

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  3. 1. Purify water.
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  5. How to Survive the End of the World – The Top 10 Armageddon Fears.
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If you live near a chain of islands you might want to pick an island not likely to have people on it; just make sure you have plenty of food and water with you as well as a way to replenish those supplies you can get your food right out of the ocean — be sure to pack a fishing pole, snorkeling gear, goggles and a spear, so you can harvest plenty of sea life; as far as water goes, you can get your water by distilling salt water from the ocean using a solar still.

Head for the wilderness, selecting a trail from a map that crosses a swift river with a wooden foot-bridge. After you cross the wooden foot-bridge, set it on fire. At this point you should be home free. Just to be on the safe side you might want to sleep in a hammock tied 15 — 20 feet off the ground, the first few days into your escape into a national park or forest, just to be on the safe side.

How do you survive a global rise of computers powering robots, communications, and weapons? The same weapons that the U. Police in the U. In a battle of man vs robot, the EMP weapon wins. This scenario assumes the worst — that aliens have advanced weapons, advanced intelligence and bad intentions. The only way for mankind to survive an attack by aliens with advanced weapons and intelligence may be to develop a pre-emptive strategy — what if we could conceal the Earth from alien telescopes in other galaxies and solar systems, before they could ever find us?

Doomsday Prep for the Super-Rich

They can see fish under water, which tells them where to then cast their hooks. How do you survive the end of the world in the Koran? Become a Muslim and be ready to fight the infidels, even to the death. How do you survive the end of the world in Judaism?

10 great films about the end of the world

Become a Jew and live by the Torah. How do you survive the end of the world in Christianity?

Become a born-again Christian, turn from sin, and follow Christ as Lord and Savior. Which of these religions is the correct faith? Jesus gets my vote. No one comes to the Father except through me. To me that is evidence that Christ really is who he says he was. Only a supernatural force could empower humans to that kind of self-sacrifice and service to the poor. It is making a difference in the world. An out of control black hole is spiraling through the galaxy, eating up solar systems, planets and stars as it passes by.

Our only hope would be to spot it in the night sky with telescopes beforehand and recognize that it was on a path to collide with our solar system. Because most current nuclear targets are in the Northern Hemisphere, most of the loss of life following a nuclear war would take place in the Northern Hemisphere as well. That shows that lands in the Southern Hemisphere may offer the best places to live following a nuclear war. Or you can build an underground bunker several months in advance, but that would call for stockpiling your bunker with large amounts of food and water and a means to generate electricity for the purpose of powering a mechanical system for creating breathable air.

We hear a lot about people building underground bunkers — why not build an Ark instead? Noah did it — and that was a few thousand years ago. Our Ark could include a solar still for purifying salt water from the ocean as well as several months worth of food and essential survival supplies. The secret to surviving a deadly virus is this: Avoid the virus completely. We live in close proximity to so many people nowadays. Our lives take us to school, work, the supermarket, stadiums, shopping malls, airports, taxis and rides on public transit.

Apocalypse, how? A preppers' survival guide to the end of the world

By then a deadly virus can spread like wild-fire throughout the population, even to distant cities and towns. As scientists race to develop a vaccine or cure, which could take several months if one was even possible for this specific virus , much of the world could lose their lives, just like the Spanish Flu in and the Bubonic Plague in the 14th Century. To survive a pandemic, a person would want to take appropriate steps beforehand. At the first sign that a pandemic was taking place a person would want to hole up in their home with their family, cutting off all contact with the outside world, other than by phone or email.

It would call for stockpiling in advance enough food and water to last several months. Trips outside your home would call for a Hazmat suit to protect from contamination.

A single massive solar flare could eject enough radiation in the direction of Earth to fry electrical systems world wide, sending the planet back to the dark ages. A second strategy then would be for cities and towns to have protected equipment ready beforehand to replace electrical systems fried by any solar flare event. That way, at least locally, cities and towns could have power restored on a small scale.

The world will end for several million people in the United States, Canada, and even Mexico should the Yellowstone Super-volcano erupt. Soon to be realised as an instructional video presented by Bradley Pitt.

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DO… Learn a trade or a really cool skill, they are valued in the future and you might become the President if you learn to unclog drains. There are also a large amount of instructional videos available, some can be found below. John will do you a toasty out back of the Winchester, but survival is difficult if the building is surrounded.

DO… Find your loved ones and huddle together. DO… Find military bunkers, put your faith in Randy Quaid. Bad idea. DO… Pick the times to trust robots very carefully. DO… Avenge people, you seem to live longer. DO… Find a plane and discover secret government evacuation plans. Click here to see Andrew on twitter. Andrew Cattanach is a regular contributor to The Booktopia Blog. He enjoys reading, writing and sleeping, though finds it difficult to do them all at once.

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