The Blonde Effect

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It was an added opportunity to both contribute to a cause and to potentially win a prize when the campaign ended.

At the time, the students thought they were part of an economics study trying to determine if the incentive to win a prize led to increased amounts of money donated. This year at the University of Nevada, Reno, students taking Applied Economics were presented with photographs of the North Carolina students. Their task: to rank the beauty of the East Coasters.

The Blonde Effect: Episode 1: New Habitat

The criteria they were given was their own personal view of how attractive they perceived their East Coast counterparts. The results of this research ended up making national news. It was discovered that white blondes soliciting door-to-door for charities can raise more money—70 percent more—than brunettes or non-white females. University of Nevada, Reno researcher Michael Price is a co-author of the study.

Why It's Time to Trash the Dumb Blonde Stereotype

Price cautions, however, that his research discovered that the race of the potential donor also had an effect on how much money was donated. A white blonde was less successful asking for money from a cultural minority than when a minority asked another minority for money. I like it. I like it a lot. There's something about the pleasing curves of the fairer sex that made my teenage years at an all-girls Catholic school a very exciting time indeed.

Ash Blonde Hair Ideas You Need To Try In 12222

However, I have my standards. I like my ladies to have character, originality and a bit of attitude.

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All earnest qualities that Female Shepard Number 5 completely lacks. Frankly, if I saw her in a locker room, I'd glaze over and move on, in search of more interesting entries for my Filofax of Filth. She's just so utterly bland.

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This is the first time that female Shepard will be shown to the world. The real world. It'll be the first time she's used for marketing campaigns, advertisements and, in my wildest dreams, adorning the box itself. The third and final chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy is scheduled to begin on March 6, In the meantime, check out our most recent hands-on preview for Mass Effect 3 from Comic-Con Jul 26, Check her out in full below: The third and final chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy is scheduled to begin on March 6,

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