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Alastair Reynolds Contributor. Rick Wilber Goodreads Author Contributor. Robert Reed Goodreads Author Contributor. Steven Popkes Contributor. David Moles Contributor. Geoffrey A.

Landis Contributor. Short novels may well be the perfect length for science fiction. They are movie length tales that resonate with moxie while exploring characters, new worlds, and ideas. The stories in this ebook are the best-of-the best short science fiction novels published in by current and emerging masters of this form.

Louis Zoo as they trek south across a sparsely populated North America to find sanctuary. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Sep 09, Vanessa rated it it was amazing Shelves: sf. This is a truly outstanding collection of novellas. Most anthologies are uneven at best, and many have more losers than winners. This is a clear exception. Best known for 20, Leagues Under the Sea. See Jules Verne's complete works here. Unlike many of the prior-listed greatest sci-fi authors, Tanith Lee took a far more darkly poetic approach to her work, which fit well with her more fantastical choices of themes.

Fairy tales and myths were common topics. She was less interested in robots, starships, or future apocalyptic wastelands than most other sci-fi authors. Nonetheless her place within the genre is firmly secured because of her penchant for crafting beautiful off-world stories despite said stories featuring many elements of gothic horror and, as mentioned, fantasy.

See Tanith Lee's complete works here. In fact his works were deemed so important that he was granted awards retroactively! A general in the National Guard, the libertarian Heinlein worked several jobs before settling down at last to be a full time writer. But it was his application of his scientific knowledge to literature, combined with his strong desire to comment on many controversial social issues, which impacted his groundbreaking novels. Best known for Stranger in a Strange Land. See Robert Heinlein's complete works here. Image via Chris Hallam's World View.

The Best Sci-Fi Books of All Time

Like many folks here, Iain Banks got the bug to write when he was only a lad. His main desire was to write science fiction but due to a lack of success in that arena he was forced to dip his literary toes into the mainstream… at least until he got a foothold into the market. Writing a book a year, he was finally able to introduce the world to his sci-fi only after putting out a handful of mainstream novels. Consider Phlebas kicked off his famous nine-novel Culture series, which tackles the inherent problems a society might face upon achieving hyper-intelligence, extended life spans, and fully automated production processes.

Well known and beloved for his deep bag of literary tricks, Banks created a somewhat anarchist, AI-infused universe populated by mercenaries and spies playing within the sandbox of a seeming utopia. Best known for the Culture series. See Iain Banks' complete works here. Image via Fanpop. The daughter of a Pasadena maid and a shoe shiner, Octavia E. Butler was a shy and dyslexic child of color who suffered the taunts of bullies for much of her young life.

As a result she sought refuge in her hometown library, and eventually began crafting tales of her own to rival those she was reading. It was the s; writing was not generally recognized as a viable career path for most young African Americans, or so she was told by her own family. But Butler ignored this bit of sagacity, acquired a typewriter, won a story contest, and off to college she went. Eschewing the normal job route, she instead took easier temp jobs in order to focus on her craft… a risk which paid off when her work was noticed by none other than Harlan Ellison, who bought two of her stories then helped her pack off to Clarion Science Fiction Writers Workshop.

Thus boosted, Butler soared.

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Awards and fellowships chased after her. Best known for Kindred. See Octavia E. Butler's complete works here. Image via Youtube. After finishing up at University of Pennsylvania, Alfred Bester began entering writing contests in order to garner attention for his budding career.

Catching a lucky break, he was asked to work with DC Comics, where he sharpened his sci-fi talents on Superman and Green Lantern titles he created the modern Green Lantern Corps oath. Shifting over to radio and television, the New York son soon began rubbing leather-patched elbows with the elite of the genre, by way of the Hydra Club no connection to the Marvel Comics villainous organization. Paying homage to Bester seems to be a pastime of other writers, especially Hollywood ones.

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His name and concepts are brought up, sometimes explicitly, in many areas related to science fiction. The popular show Babylon 5 even featured a character named Alfred Bester! Best known for The Stars My Destination. See Alfred Bester's complete works here. Image via Profundus Librum. Another author bolstered by Harlan Ellison, Dan Simmons kicked off his career as one of the greatest sci-fi authors with horror aka Stephen King. Even his best known sci-fi features horrific elements, though these are served up on a bed of historical latticework. Simmons, a classic literature buff, borrowed heavily from the story structures of classic works… a system which reaped him countless awards throughout his lifetime.

His chief contribution to the genre has been the Hyperion Cantos , a series of books featuring pilgrims on a journey to save mankind.

Top 25 Science Fiction Books

Set on a world at the end of the universe, the story focuses on the search for an enigmatic time traveling cyborg referred to only as the Shrike. Best known for Hyperion. See Dan Simmons' complete works here. Image via Inhabitat. Peter Watts has a knack for describing the darkly profound. This bold move gained him an invigorating dose of much-needed exposure which kept him going, and soon he was able apply those PhD smarts of his to even greater literary achievements.

Sometimes jestingly castigated for his bleak tone of prose, one thing Watts never gets criticized for is lack of imagination…or attention to spellbinding detail. Best known for the Rifters trilogy. See Peter Watts' complete works here. Image via New Yorker. Alas there is a question many authors ask about themselves! A Catholic engineer and Korean War vet, Wolfe loves to have fun with his small legion of readers, by incorporating unreliable narrators and numerous Easter eggs.

A pen pal of J. Best known for The Book of the New Sun.

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